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Ann (Clines)Linderman
Bill, after visting your home tonight and glancing at your work i decided to look online when i got home,i've seen the work in ron and kelly's house and the santas you've made for jordan,and the kids, and they were wonderfull pieces,but i never realized how very detailed and great your work have an amazing talent,my father was a wood crafter as well,but unfortunatly short lived,but before he passed away he had my interest and i dabbled a bit and had alot of fun and pride everytime i made something and looked even a little bit what it was supposed to look like...Maybe one day i'll be at _Your_ seminar!
31 October 2005 - Lockport N.Y.

Steven Brandt
I enjoy participating in the W3E secret pal exchange and I am very glad to receive one of your excellent Santas. Hope I will draw your name in the future and be able to reciprocate.
13 September 2005 - Oklahoma City

Cathy Krumrei |
Bill your carvings are fabulous! Love the variey of the expressions! I really enjoyed seeing your work and the little candle guys are so cute! Thanks for showing off your wonderful carvings!
25 August 2005 - Minnesota

Bill |
Hi Bill,was surfin the net for more ideas,glad I came across your site.Nicely done,and your work gets an "Ace".Pop into my site if you get the time--and yes I know what you mean.It's amazing how our wives tolerate the chips.Guess the pay off is when we come out of our shops carrying a finished piece in our hand and not a bleeding finger--all the best my friend and keep chipping--Bill
18 August 2005 - Canada---eh!

cynda douglas |
I have been snooping around in your web site, Bill, and it is awsome. Your work is sooo good, for lack of better words. Love your faces. That is what I wish I could do. Your Santa faces all look like a cheery Santa, and the "Who's up there?" and Frontiersman, your Indians, all are just wonderful, believable people. I also like the way you have your site set up. Easy to use, and very attractive.
26 July 2005 - Black Hills of South Dakota

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